10 Habits to Help You Live Longer



Exercise is helpful for extending life in many ways. There are almost too many to list, but I’ll give it a shot! Exercise:

  • Strengthens bones
  • Helps maintain weight
  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Releases endorphins, which are good for a happier mood, lowering stress levels,…

(Source: bit.ly)

people have problems

theres no way to deny that. i went through loads of personal shit and my friends did as well. it helped us grow, improve ourselves, step up to the place that we ve overcome something bigger than us. what distinguish us:our attitude facing the problems. if we surrender to it, if we fight, if we believe in ourselves. im proud of us. im proud of me.

proud me personal

had this super real nightmare

of my mum trying to kill me all dressed in black and with her eyes wide opened. everytime i looked out of the window there she was outside looking up at me straight in the eye as if she knew i was looking out for her. i would run inside panicking trying to protect myself while a hitchcocks movie soundtrack would play. after 6 hours of constant fighting blood smashed things yelling horror movie scenes and chaos i threw her down the staircase and verified she was dead. as soon as i did it i tried calling the police to give myself in. the police didnt pick up the phone. i woke up sweating, full of mosquito bites and crying. it was the real deal.

nightmare dream me mom motherhood